Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did Jane Austen Have a Computer?

After months of deliberating I finally have a working computer!

I have been writing since I was twelve so, as you can imagine, now that I'm twice that old being separated from the most efficient means by which I write was akin to being without hands with which to feed myself. Sure, there are notebooks and pens and typewriters and voice recorders and countless means by which one can manifest her thoughts, but I have been forced to own up to a truth that makes the old soul within me cringe: I cannot write effectively without a computer. I think my eyes sting just a little even now as I type that, for I am ashamed. Did Jane Austen have a computer? Did not the author of Job pen his ageless prose upon nought but primitive parchment? Such greatness is beyond me.

But it is what it is! So on to happier truths. I am celebrating the purchase of my new computer by starting a blog to document my adventures as a writer. In the months before my first computer George caught a bad virus that crippled his system, I was seeped in visions of authorship and an iron will to succeed; I intend to revive that zeal. It is, therefore, my hope that this blog will serve as a nice trampoline to spring me back into the delicious pool of novel penning. But, do not fear, I will not leave thee nor forsake thee. Yes, I may disappear for weeks at a time when my brain is in the throes of inspiration for my latest works, but I will return and mantain this blog with a nice balance of personal aspirations and useful information (because writing about myself gets old pretty quickly). So be on the lookout for my book and movie reviews, as well as news on the latest and upcoming Christian fiction (I hope). Yes, stay tuned, dear little friend, for more is on the way!

April Rose