Sunday, August 12, 2012

Les Mis and Les Book Names

A month since my last update? Simply shameful. I apologize, life has been all catawampus lately. I could give explanations, but maybe later. For now I will focus on those things writer-related. Before I do that, though, let me tell you how excited I am for the upcoming theatrical release of Les Misérables. I am currently reading the book by Victor Hugo, which I have the lofty goal of completing by the movie's release (currently scheduled for Dec. 14 of this year). And before I say another word about this book, or the play, or the movie, I want to do you a huge favor by sharing its correct pronunciation: the French pronunciation is lay-mee-zay-rahbl, but you may save yourself the trouble of all those syllables by going with its colloquial name, Les Mis (lay-miz). I feel better now that that's been settled (believe me, it was a matter of great frustration to me personally for years). I have never seen the play, but then there are a lot of plays I have not seen (ah, more lofty goals to be set), but I have seen the earlier movie with Liam Neeson, which was exceptional. The beauty of this newer adaptation is that it is a musical (adapted from the play which was adapted from the novel-- phew!). It stars some of my favorite people in the movie world, namely Anne Hathaway who also recently graced us with her performance of Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises (surprisingly impressive for a Batman movie, by the way), and Hugh Jackman, whom we all know, of course, as Wolverine (I believe my introduction to him was in Kate and Leopold).

Having conveyed those thoughts, while I feel somewhat ashamed of myself for writing so little lately, I have accomplished something; a couple articles I have written, one of which was my last blog entry, have been published in a local Christian paper, with an offer to submit more! I am excited about this because it enables my messages to reach a new pool of readers and can be used as a reference when I seek publishing for my other works.

Speaking of seeking publishing, now for the real purpose of this entry! You should be very excited right now, because I am going to ask for your help. I have decided to start sending out query letters to introduce my novel to publishers with the hopes of "getting a bite". I also hope this will stoke the flames beneath me and get my booty in gear to actually finish revising said work. A little pressure sometimes helps. Anyway, for the part I need your help with. My book-- this afore mentioned novel-- it has no name. I have spent the last three years trying to give it one, to no avail. So I am asking for suggestions! If you're interested, read on and I'll give you a synopsis of my book; if not then-- no, of course you'll be interested, I would be! So, here you go:

Setting: the Platte River road (aka California/Oregon trail), and Montana

Era: mid 1800's

Theme: patience, contentment, love which extends beyond emotions and boils down to choice

Plot summary: In a marriage of convenience a young woman pairs up with a grieving widow to help him care of his children. As she and the children grow to love each other, she begins to hope that their gentle spirited father will also overcome his grief and return the love her heart silently harbors. Only her faith in God can give her the strength to accept that that day may never come.

I know that's brief, but you're smart and I'm sure your head is just bubbling over with suggestions this very instant, so let's hear them!

Note that in posting a suggestion you are also granting permission to me, the author, to use said suggestion. Please post your submissions here or on my facebook link to this blog. Thank you!


  1. I've actually heard it pronounced Lay Mez-or-Obb.

  2. And the book should be titled: Caroline and Miles.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it :p
    Besides, I think anything else would sound generic and not good enough for the wonderfulness written out in its pages.

  3. Thank you for your input, darling! I suppose "Caroline and Miles" would be Jane Austen-esque. And, yes, I believe I have heard it pronounced that way as well, and that's actually how I pronounced it.