Monday, August 17, 2015

Granite Flats

There's a lot of data to filter through when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies on Netflix-- I've certainly had my share of binges which never would have happened without that click-of-a-button access to this movie metropolis that we all love and hate. But of all that I have watched on the old 'flix, no show has captured me in the way that BYUtv's original series Granite Flats did. I'm writing this review because we need more shows like this one, and I want to get the word out! I watched it ince, then I watched it again.

It's not often that I find a series that is not just interesting, but profound. Quite honestly, this show has changed the way I see entertainment. And, credit where credit is due, I have my mom to thank for pointing this show out to me.

So, what is Granite Flats, and why do I love it?

In a nutshell it's a Cold War era mystery/drama TV series based in a small town named, of course, Granite Flats. At first glance we might think this is a kid's spy series, but look closer and you will see that it is much, much, much more. 

This show deals not only with intriguing plots, but fantastically-rounded characters who grow and change as the series progresses. It is a deep, intelligent, emotional masterpiece. If I ever meet the writer I will shake his hand firmly and say, "Well done sir, well done." I also cannot praise Christopher Lloyd and Parker Posey  enough for their outstanding guest roles as two of the series' best characters. 

I leave you readers with nothing more than this bit of enthusiasm which I hope will inspire you to fire up Netflix for yourselves and hopefully come to be as delighted as I was to be a part of a town called Granite Flats. 

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