Monday, October 1, 2012

"Would You Like to Hear a Poem?"

As far as skill goes, this poem has little, but it was born from the depths of my musings, and it was time for a blog update (post title compliments of "Joe vs. The Valcano").

Of Being Reborn by aRose

We see and wake while part asleep and partly blind,

Our eyes conceal what our heart hesitates to find;

Then, a cog is turned, a piece relented,

A raindrop falls; our world is reinvented.

And, with the gracious blow of a clap of thunder,

The barred doors are split, the veil rent asunder;

Light breaks upon our midnight shore,

And we, the least, by the least become something more.

Our ragged souls, torn and trodden, are again engendered,

And through pain and pleasure, in ghastly beauty newly rendered.