Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Mind-Bloggling Matter

In the lasting words of Charlotte the spider, Salutations!

I have not been blogging much lately because I am in a bit of a bind. For some time I have been contemplating the possibility of starting another blog. Not a replacement for Writelicious, mind you, but a second, unrelated blog.

The purpose of Writelicious, when I created it, was mainly to share thoughts from a Christian writer/reader viewpoint, but as it turns out I blog about a somewhat wide range of matters (that is, when I actually do blog). I hesitate to say "New Years resolution", but I would like to do more blogging this year, and I hope to remain faithful to that desire.

If I created a second blog what would set it apart from this one? My second blog would be ministry focused. I would share thoughts on current events, encouragement-- especially for women, and post bible studies on it.

While Writelicious would remain, of course, Christian-driven, I would maintain a more literary and professional focus here. I am not saying I want to separate my religion from my profession, but I am thinking that this approach may be more organized and if I give myself a specific focus for each blog I MAY be more inspired to blog more (I know that doesn't make sense, but I just might).

Here are my current thoughts: since I have not done such a good job at keeping up with this blog, I should continue to post a variety of content on here, and if I am faithful at that, will then consider the second blog. Naturally, I will also be and have been praying about the matter.

If you would like the participate, I would like your thoughts and advice as well. So, if I may, I'd like to pose a few questions (please be completely honest [I accept constructive criticism]):

If I created a second, ministry related blog with women being the main target audience, would you read it, and/or would that be the sort of thing you would be compelled to share with friends and family?

Do you feel there is a need for another blog of that sort?

Also, what could I do to improve Writelicious?

What would you like to see me blog more about?

What sort of blogs do you enjoy reading most?

Please share your answers either in a response on here or on Facebook.

As ever, thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing your thoughts.


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