Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: A Certain Truth

My rating: 4/5 stars

Another triumph from Bell!

I've been plowing my way through reading material, and would up picking this book up again. I had left it half read when I fell into the black hole of not reading several months ago (don't fear, I'm on the mend). This is the third book in "The Trials of Kit Shannon" trilogy, and I don't believe I reviewed the first two after reading them a year or so ago, so this review will serve as a summary of all three books.

The series chronicles, as the title suggests, the trials of Kit Shannon, an early 20th century defense attorney in L.A., who is also one of just handful of female lawyers in America. Each book is full of intrigue and mystery, so they keep you interested, and it's always difficult to predict the guilty party. The trial scenes are especially entertaining, as Bell likes to save a few surprises for the courtroom. He also weaves history into his stories by bringing in actual historical figures, so you get a history lesson along with an entertaining fictional tale. 

Like I said, I did drop out of this book halfway through, so in that sense I think it was a little less interesting at points than the previous two, which held my interest solid til the end, but this did really gain momentum in the second half. Kit finds herself swept into a murder plot during her honeymoon cruise, and ends up defending a client who may not be entirely guiltless, all while navigated personal and spiritual challenges. I enjoyed the well rounded characters and the plot twists and turns. Bell has written a couple books on the art of suspense, and his credibility shines through in his fiction. 

An exciting read for sure!

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