Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: While We're Far Apart

While We're Far Apart, by Lynn Austin

My rating: 4.3 stars
Amazon rating: 4.7 stars

I blazed through several books so quickly that I forgot to review some of them! This book is set during WWII and partially divides perspective between thirteen-year-old Esther whose father is off fighting, and Penny, the woman who is watching Esther and her brother until their father returns. Penny has secretly been in love with the Eddie, the children's father, since childhood and hopes that caring for his children will win his love, but that won't be easy as Eddie still grieves the loss of his wife, and the children seem reluctant and too heartbroken to let someone else into their lives. 

We also have the perspective of Jacob, Eddie's Jewish landlord who works desperately to locate his son who is right in the middle of heavy persecution against the Jews. 

Is the story unravels these three characters, and several others, touch each other's lives and teach one another valuable lessons about forgiveness, moving on, and growing up. 

I loved this story. While it was sad in many parts, it had just enough to keep you hoping for the best, and I was not disappointed at the end.

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