Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review: Wonderland Creek

Wonderland Creek, by Lynn Austin

My rating: 3.8 stars rating: 4.6 stars

I've completed yet another book by one of my favorite authors, and thought I'd throw up a quick review.

Alice lives more in the world of books than the real world... that's why her boyfriend decides it's time to end their relationship. In an effort to deal with the breakup, Allie decides to deliver some donated books she has been gathering for a small town library in the mountains of Kentucky. Alice quickly finds, in the backwoods of Kentucky, that real life is much more exciting than anything in a book, as she is swept, against her will, into a plot of deception, greed, and even murder.

While this isn't a new favorite for me, I did enjoy the story and it held my interest. There was a diversity of interesting characters, even if one wasn't sure halfway through the book who to like and who not to. My favorite thing about the story was the overall message-- not just of real life versus fiction, but of actually living a life of substance even if it's harder, versus an empty life of ease and comfort. In many ways the book itself reflects the journey of the heroine-- it starts out light and a bit shallow, and ends with depth and insight. I am yet to read anything by Lynn Austen that I do not like!

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