Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review: I Like Giving

I like giving by Brad Formsma

My rating: 3.8 stars

I mostly read fiction but occassionaly enjoy a nice self help or inspiritional book. I've had this one sitting around for the past several months and finally decided to pick it up and read. At first I sort of thought the guy was just bragging, but as I continued the book it became apparent that he and others who shared their stories were simply trying to inspire others a lifestyle of giving. I enjoyed the stories of people who gave what they had-- sometimes it was as simple as a gesture, other times as extravagant as a new house. By the end I believe the book had accomplished its purpose-- I felt inspired to give more freely and even learned a little about myself and why I feel fulfilled when I give (there is even a chapter about the science behind giving!).

It was an enjoyable, easy read. I'm a little surprised by the cover price on this book at $14.99, as it is a book about giving, after all, but I can't complain since I received my copy free from the publisher in exchange for this review!

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